25 May 2010

Egg CI

This is OLD SCHOOL, but I finally posted it. The corporate identity I did a few years ago for my oldest and favorite client: Egg Films. Nick Nesbitt did the awesome flash programming and sound on the www.eggfilms.tv website. The popup card I designed for sending to overseas creatives. It says: "greetings from south africa". I had to make 100 cards by hand, from hundreds of laser cut parts that had to be stuck together with double sided tape, but luckily johnny kotze was there to help me with the sticking.

05 October 2009

the new Humanoid CI

This was my job of the year! The Humanoid Corporate Identity papercraft world.

Mr. Fox

by the docks

Nike Be True

This is a print that I did for the Nike Be True concept store in Melville.

07 July 2008

Floating Paradise

This is a new piece that will be exhibited later this year.

01 September 2007


This was the invitation for the Velocity party at the Loerie awards in Margate. The theme was "2007 year of the pig" So I decided to make a interactive invitation that could be folded into a origami pig, with its intestines showing. All the details were written inside the intestines, but also on the side piece that was perforated so you had to bring it to the party as your pass. If you got one of these, you were very lucky hey!

01 August 2007


This is a paper bird that I made for photographer Mia Ziervogel. It was photographed by Chris Green then I graded it.